As it comes up to the release of your (next) book, it can be good to build excitement. Building interest helps to let people know about your book and where they can purchase it. If you have a set release date, it’s something people can make a note of and follow up on. If you’re a bit savvy, you can also make your book available for pre-order so that you make sales before it’s even available officially!

5 Ways to Build Interest in Your Horse Book - Gaining Momentum for Release Day

5 Ways to Build Interest in Your Horse Book – Gaining Momentum for Release Day

So what different things can you do to build interest and gain a following of anticipating readers?

  1. Organise a blog tour – perhaps in the month leading up to your release, try to organise one blog post for every day of that month. Find blogs that have a following who would be interested in your book. This could be horse blogs focused on a particular discipline, book blogs focused on a particular genre or even blogs local to your area. Posts can contain a myriad of things:
    1. A cover reveal for the book and its blurb
    2. An excerpt from your book
    3. A guest post by yourself relating to the topic of the blog in question
    4. A review of your book if you’re happy to provide an advanced copy to be read and reviewed
    5. An author interview
      A blog tour over a month allows you to potentially have 30 different sites that are referencing your book and linking back to your blog or buy links!
  2. Do a cover reveal/vote – on your site or Facebook page reveal your cover before the book is released and see what people think. Get them to share the image and promote it to their friends. Be sure to provide a link to where people will be able to purchase the book!Another take on this is to let people vote for their favourite design out of a few. I love the idea of reading a book that I helped choose the cover for!
  3. Offer a giveaway – provide a select number of copies (electronic or hard copy) to people if they carry out a certain task/s. This could be to ‘like’ your Facebook page, share a post about your new book or promote your book/site in some other way. Get creative; people love the chance to score a free horse book! Giveaways can be orchestrated through Goodreads, sent to people via Amazon or done out of your own resources/website.
  4. Utilise excerpts – people can quickly determine if they like your style of writing – and are interested in your book – by excerpts. On your website – or as a guest post – provide varying excerpts from your book that you think will draw people into wanting to know more. I am always looking for a new horse book to read. If I find an excerpt that appeals to me, I’ll want to read the whole story. This can be a way to draw new readers, even after the book is released.
  5. Write a press release – details about your new book, along with the blurb and a cover photo can be a great promotional tool. You can send this along to horse magazines – especially those that have gone digital. In this way, they may help by putting the information in their next edition, or they may inquire of a review copy of your book. Getting your book details into horse magazines can be another great way to reach potential readers. Just be sure to research magazines that would be fitting with your book.

Any time you work on promotions for your book/s, be sure to make note of what you did and it’s success. Some ideas may work really well for your readership; others may not be worth investing in again. Experiment so that you know you’ve covered many bases.

In light of this post, as an equine author, what promotion method have you had great success with? As a horse book reader, what form of book promotion most appeals to you to take part in?