Some of the sites considered below allow you to add your books and add author pages. Either way, they are resources that you can make use of for free to add your horse books. Take some time today to ensure all of your books are listed on these resources for avid readers!

If you do them all at once, you know there are four new resources filled in. After all, they will require similar information!

  1. Goodreads – it is really simple to add a book to the Goodreads collection. Be sure to do a search first for your book/s. This can be done via title, author name or ISBN/ASIN. You may be pleasantly surprised and find that your book/s are already here, rated and reviewed!  If not, you can add them in.
    You’ll need to include details such as the title, series it’s a part of, author, publisher, date published, ISBN/ASIN, blurb, language and edition number. Be sure you have a good book cover image that you can upload, too! There are many books on Goodreads that have no cover image and once a book is created, it’s a little extra work to get the cover added!
  2. LibraryThing – this site is similar to Goodreads in that people can list all the books in their library. They can rate and review those they’ve read, too. I like seeing what I’ve read on Goodreads for any given year, but I love seeing all my horse books on LibraryThing!
    Again, you can add your books manually, or do a search for them via title or author name. If the books are available on Amazon, it’s easy to find them for LibraryThing and add them to your collection.

    4 Places to Add Your Horse Books - Free Book Websites via @equineauthors

    4 Places to Add Your Horse Books – Free Book Websites via @equineauthors

  3. FictFact – this one is great for authors who write series. It details all the books in a series and allows readers to make sure they’re reading them in order! You can also rate and review books. The Amazon ASIN is important to be able to add your books in and there is a little wait time as this is a site run by a handful of people.
  4. Authorgraph – do you have any horse books that are autographed? I love mine! This website is an electronic version of that. For books that you’ve read and love, you can request an autograph that is provided electronically alongside the cover of the book in question. There are a few horse authors on here already! To add your books, you can create an account or sign in via Twitter (follow us – @equineauthors!) Again, provide the ASIN of your book and it gets added into the database. You’ll need to create an author profile on this site and provide your signature for any fans who request it! You can even personalise messages to autograph requesters. It’s a great tool for that personal touch.

These above sites are free to utilise and a great way to gain more exposure for your books. If your books are where people go to find a great read, you’re more likely to gain a following. Take the time today to make sure your works are easy to find!