By Carly Kade

In recent years, the self-publishing industry has exploded and new tools for self-publishing have removed barriers for authors who prefer to go it alone, I am one of them. Equestrian fiction authors have legendarily been told that their books (with an equine twist) are too niched. I don’t agree. After some extensive research, I decided to self-publish my first novel and skip the conversation about my horse book being too specialized to market.

Self-Publishing Your Horse Book? Here's 4 Reads You'll Need!

Self-Publishing Your Horse Book? Here’s 4 Reads You’ll Need!

In this post, I share a list of books that have been priceless to me as a self-published equine author. I continue to reference them to this day as I work on my second self-published work of equestrian fiction. I believe one must GIVE TO GROW so I hope this list of spur jingling books on self-publishing will inspire and help other equine authors navigate the awesome (and sometimes choppy) waters of self-publishing.

  1. Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook by Helen Sedwick
    As a self-published author, you’ll need to make sure you have your legal ducks in a row. This book was a lifesaver! When you publish a book, you are starting a business (whether you like it or not). This book helps navigate those waters. Topics covered in the book include business set-up from DBAs to sales taxes, working with contracts, intellectual property issues, internet regulations, spotting scams, avoiding defamation, invasion of privacy and infringement, and more. I highly recommend this read to anyone interested in self-publishing. Having this book on my bookshelf has brought more luck than the horseshoe hanging above my office door!
  2. Self-Publishing Books 101 by Shelley Hitz and Heather Hart
    This book comes from the lovely ladies over at Training Authors for Success. My copy is earmarked in so many places! I found their guidance unbelievably helpful. Part one discusses creating a foundation for publishing success … think writing, editing, and then building a marketing platform. Part two of the book covers the self-publishing process from book cover design to choosing self-publishing formats for your horse book. Part three goes over other publishing decisions like obtaining a copyright to forming your own independent publishing company. Make sure to gallop over and check out the Training Authors for Success website (linked above) to review a wealth of useful information for equine authors looking to self-publish.
  3. Book Marketing Success Bundle by Shelly Hitz and Heather Hart
    Here’s another book from Shelly Hitz and Heather Hart of Training Authors for Success. I love this one because it contains FIVE books on marketing in one! It covers book marketing, promoting on Amazon, publishing audiobooks, marketing case studies, and publicity best practices for authors. It is important to learn how to brand and market ourselves in order for readers to find our horse books. This book is an enormous resource for the equine author whether traditionally published or self-published! It contains over 260 pages of content to get your horse book marketing started off on the right hoof!
  4. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King
    This book isn’t exactly about self-publishing, but I highly recommend Stephen King’s insightful exploration of an author’s journey. I loved this book as a reader and a writer. I discovered this book through its high ratings in the writing community. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. This is a book for anyone who writes, anyone who aspires to write, or anyone interested in knowing a little more about the life of an accomplished author. Saddle up and get ready for a great read. This book will inspire any equine author to just sit down and write that horse book!

There you have it! Now, it’s time to giddy up and choose one of the above spur jingling books to invest in your own development as a self-published equine author, or better yet, spread the word and share this reading list with other aspiring equine authors, too.

​It is an honor to write this guest post for Equine Authors. It makes my spurs jingle when authors unite. I learn so much from other authors in the equine community and appreciate how unique each of our writing journeys is. I think it is so important to support each other and share knowledge amongst ourselves. We are stronger working together. Here’s to horse books!

About Carly Kade
Carly Kade is an award-winning equestrian author from Arizona. Creative writing makes her spurs jingle!  She writes fiction about horses, horse shows, western pleasure and a handsome cowboy or two.  Her books are for people just like her … crazy about reading, horses and cute cowboys!

In the Reins, Carly’s novel inspired by the equestrian lifestyle has been an Amazon bestseller for more than 10 weeks, is an EQUUS Film Festival Literary Award Winner for Best Western Fiction, and has earned two Feathered Quill Book Awards in the Romance and Adult Book featuring Animals categories.

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