Equine Author Directory

A guide to some equine authors for fiction, non-fiction, children and mature age readers.  Let me know if your name isn’t on the list!  Quickest way is to tweet @equineauthors :)  Interested in any of the books below?  Click the image to buy!

Horse books for mature age readers:
Ballou, Linda – http://www.lindaballouauthor.com/
Beers, Carole T. – http://caroletbeers.com/
Elizabeth, Amy – http://authoramyelizabeth.com/
Hambley, Connie Johnson – http://www.conniejohnsonhambley.com/
Hooton, Hannah – http://hannahhootonbooks.blogspot.com/
Kade, Carly – http://www.carlykadecreative.com/
Meunier, Christine – http://www.christinemeunierauthor.com/
Myers, MaryAnn – https://www.sunrisehorsefarm.com/
Rashbrook, Anna – https://booksbyanna619772285.wordpress.com/
Reinert, Natalie Keller – https://nataliekreinert.com/
Ruth, Jan – http://janruth.com/
Scott, Meaghan – https://meghanscottauthor.wordpress.com/
Trovillion, Lisa – http://www.lrtrovillion.com/

Horse books for young adults:
Ablon Whitney, Kim – http://www.kimablonwhitney.com/
Meunier, Christine – http://www.christinemeunierauthor.com/
Roberts, Sharon Kay – https://www.facebook.com/AgingHorsewoman/
Robins, Tudor – http://tudorrobins.com/
Trovillion, Lisa – http://www.lrtrovillion.com/
Twizel, Laurie – http://laurietwizel.blogspot.com.au/

Horse books for teens:
Alexander, Elizabeth – https://elizabethalexandersite.wordpress.com/
Almos, Angelia – http://author60.wixsite.com/angeliaalmos
Benson, Linda – http://www.lindabenson.net/
Eliker, Rachael – https://rachaeleliker.com/
Gorham, Vivien – https://viviengorham.com/
Hunter, Ann – http://annhunter.blogspot.com.au/p/north-oak.html
Joy, Brittney – http://brittneyjoybooks.squarespace.com/
Lattey, Kate – http://nzponywriter.com/
Mckay, Genevieve – http://www.genevievemckay.com/
Wills, Amanda – http://www.amandawills.co.uk/
Wolfe, Laura – https://www.authorlaurawolfe.com/

Horse books for children:
Amateau, Gigi – http://www.gigiamateau.com/
Betancourt, Jeanne – http://www.jeannebetancourt.com/
Count, Susan – http://www.susancount.com/
Daley MacKall, Dandi – http://www.dandibooks.com/
Humphrys-Dunne, Deanie  – http://www.childrensbookswithlifelessons.com/
Meunier, Christine – http://www.christinemeunierauthor.com/
Newman, BB – https://www.facebook.com/BB-Newman-702769409915780/
Rapley, Belinda – http://belindarapley197.wix.com/author-page
(free!) Thompson Rees, Angharad – http://www.angharadthompsonrees.com/

Non fiction horse books:
Bilger, R J – http://www.horsetrainingwithbilger.com/
Birmingham, Catherline Louise – http://www.catherinelouisebirmingham.com
Finstad, Linda – https://www.thehorsewatcher.com/
Forrest, Susanna – http://susannaforrest.com/
Knee, Alyssa – http://www.brunetteinbreeches.com/
Miner, Sharon – http://www.sharonminer.com/
Myers, Jane – http://www.equiculture.com.au/
Taylor, Tobi Lopez – http://www.tobilopeztaylor.com/

Horse poetry:
B.K. England – http://home.jps.net/~bkequiart/